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Welcome to Florida's Caribbean Shores Hotel & Cottages


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Welcome to Florida's Caribbean Shores Hotel & Cottages

Jensen Beach Hotel: Welcome to our little piece of paradise, a 25 unit family owned and operated Resort-Hotel & Cottage property. We are located in Historic Jensen Beach, Florida and centrally positioned between Stuart, Florida, Port Saint Lucie, Jensen Beach and Hutchinson Island. Caribbean Shores offers hotel rooms, one bedroom suites and colorful one and two bedroom vacation cottages overlooking the mile wide Indian River Lagoon and it's beaches.

We invite you to come enjoy our tranquil setting and relaxed atmosphere, fish off our 300' pier, bring your boat or enjoy our canoes and kayaks. Swim in our heated pool or relax under the swaying palm trees in a hammock, what better way to watch the porpoise play and the sailboats glide by. Stroll around our tropical grounds - the sunrise is spectacular!

You will like the "character" of Caribbean Shores, Florida vacation rentals, painted murals by locally renowned artist, Edwin Early III. It's "island style" atmosphere and friendly guests… no high rises here!

Serving Jensen Beach, Stuart, Port Saint Lucie, Fort Pierce and Hutchinson Island, Florida. A beachfront Key West style hotel and resort located on the Indian River Lagoon.

We offer extended stay rates, corporate lodging discounts and an assortment of customizable rate plans to suit all your vacation and work travel needs.


2625 NE Indian River Drive
Jensen Beach, Florida 34957
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"Serving Stuart / Jensen Beach / Hutchinson Island / Port St. Lucie / Hobe Sound"

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